Saturday, March 6, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Laraignee of France! I'll be mailing the book, Quill It Easy, to you this week.

Laraignee's comment was picked at random by the number generator at from all of your heartwarming comments, blog links, and Facebook and Twitter mentions. Thank you so much, everyone. I was inspired by your words and visits to your blogs - you've kept me quite busy! I hope you'll continue to enjoy all things paper.


Ann said...

Congratulations to the winner. Lucky lady

Meg said...

Congratulations Laraignee!

licia politis said...

congrats Laraignee on winning the quilling book, hope you enjoy quilling!

J said...

Congratulations to Laraignee. May you have many happy hours of quilling ahead of you.
BTW, thanks for visiting my blog Ann.

jamaica byles said...

Hi Anne,
you've certainly opened my're right.My so called lack of patience should not hold me back from trying this....I'm really intrigued.
Thanks for visiting today.....glad I found your blog.

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