Monday, July 26, 2010

Origami Artist - Mike Van Horne

Okay, I'll admit it. I've been converted into an origami aficionado. Ben Coleman's intriguing Benagami started it, then Vania Passos's elegant floral arrangements, and for sure, the Klutz Fashion Origami book which proved that heck yes, I can follow little diagrams!

Lately I've been spending more time than I should clicking my way around Flickr. Literally not one minute after joining an origami group, I was stopped in my tracks by this funny character - who could resist him?!Artist Mike Van Horne of Colorado is the creator of Dollar Minotaur, a small creature who's rocking a cagey smile on his face and a glint in his eye. Harlequin - butcher wrap/ unryu/ foil/ lokta laminated on diagonals

Mike is quite a prolific folder. He began doing origami early in 2008, and by the end of that year was creating original, intricate designs with paper squares - no cutting, no gluing.
Mask 4 - lokta foil laminateCross Owl - chiri unryu, foil, mica paper, laminated

Mike also enjoys working on complex designs by other folders. The next three pictures are designs by origami master, Robert Lang, that Mike made with specialty papers, pearl momigami and lokta. moosetarantula

He enjoys the quick gratification of the art. "One aspect of origami that I love so much is the fact that the masters of the art are truly accessible, and that this is the 'Golden Age' of the art. I have gotten great advice and comments about my work from many of my origami heroes, and I have never seen that, without paying for it, in the fine arts world. "praying mantis

A stay-at-home dad, Mike finds himself facing the decision of whether to concentrate on folding or resume his initial focus of pastel work when his son begins school this fall. I'm sure no matter which medium Mike chooses, he'll continue to delight us with eye-catching art. Prophets of Peace - design by Giang Dinh, folded by Mike Van Horne
lokta, unryu, mica paper, banana paper, candy wrapper, foil

All photos are by Mike Van Horne of his own work.


Ann said...

Every time I come to your blog I feel like a little kid looking through a toy store window at Christmas time :) Wow, those are impressive. I think I'm in love with that owl.

Melissa said...

Those are amazing! The moose and praying mantis are probably my favorites, but they are all absolutely stunning. And what's really amazing is that he hasn't been doing this for very long!

CraftyRichela said...

Mike is the "Paper Whisperer!" He seems to incorporate the textures and designs of the paper with the architecture of each fold. It seems instinctual and would be interesting to see what direction he takes his art. (Since he's fairly new to origami, that is.) Great post.

Janice Mae said...


Thank you for sharing this, it is not only art but entertaining as well. The tarantula is so life like to the point of scary, what an artist he is!

SUGANTHI said...

Thanks for sharing,Ann! what a talent! the dollar minotaur is amazing ,can't believe the praying Mantis is folded paper.

Marilyn said...

You always show us such interesting things...thank-you!
I am in love with the owl too!!! Wonder if he would show us how?

Anonymous said...

simply awesome. Can u pls tell me where i can see the video(tutorial) of the above origamis..

Minal said...

hi the last comment by from me..
this id.

Ann Martin said...

Minai, I don't believe Mike has made videos of his folds, except for a nifty heart frame that you can watch here:

dining sets said...

Wow! Very stunning picture of origami. All Origami is so amazing. It is not an easy thing to do. I really love the praying mantis origami. It is so cool.

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