Monday, May 2, 2016

Realistic Bird Sculptures from Paper & Wood - Zack Mclaughlin

I've been a fan of the beautiful 3D bird sculptures created by London artist Zack Mclaughlin ever since being introduced to them via Colossal about a year ago. Zack's Paper & Wood Instagram feed is a delight as he often shares in-progress shots and talks about the process of making these highly detailed creatures.

Paper and Wood Long Tailed Hummingbird Sculpture

Zack explains that he has long had a fascination with nature and tries to recreate it in many ways, whether it is illustrations for a children's book (he studied Illustration at the University of Westminster), a painting or dimensional model.

Paper and Wood Barn Owl Sculpture
Barn Owl

To create a life-size bird sculpture, Zack hand carves the body from bass wood, inserts acrylic eyes - he considers a realistic eye the most crucial detail - and creates eyelids with air-dry clay. Wired tail feathers are glued in place and wing feathers are attached to wire arms that he inserts into the body.

Paper and Wood Bird Mobile

Next comes the application of acrylic paint, often with an iridescent sheen. Finally, a coating of matte varnish protects the color and completes the 50-60 hour process. Have a look as Zack adds painted detail to feathers.

Paper and Wood Common Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher

While the Paper & Wood website is relatively new, Zack has been creating sculptures for private buyers, store owners and publishers worldwide for a number of years. For example, these dramatic all-white beauties were commissioned by Ralph Lauren.

Paper and Wood Bird Sculptures for Ralph Lauren

An exciting new aspect of his work is that Zack now offers kits so fellow makers can enjoy building DIY dimensional bird models. Hummingbird, barn owl and robin kits are available so far, complete with video tutorials.

Paper and Wood Hummingbird Resin and Paper Sculpture Kit - in progress
Hummingbird Kit

 Paper and Wood Barn Owl Resin and Paper Sculpture Kit
Mini Barn Owl Kit

Paper and Wood Robin Sculpture
Robin Kit

The kits include purchaser's choice of a plastic resin or wood body with wire wing arms and feet already attached, templates/colored paper for creating the feathers and additional essential items - tracing paper, craft wire, glue and brass hanging hoop.

Paper & Wood Black-faced Grassquit
Black-faced Grassquit

If you are lucky enough to be in London, Zack is leading a wire bird sculpture workshop on June 28.

Paper and Wood Great Tit Sculpture 
Great Tit

Zack Mclaughlin is on Behance, DeviantArt, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful...just love them

Karren Tolliver said...

Incredibly lifelike - thanks for bringing this to us, Ann!

Ann Martin said...

So glad you enjoyed the post, Anon and Karren!

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