Monday, December 4, 2017

Quilled Rose Gold Paper Necklace and Quilled Nursery Photo Frame

Earlier this fall I mentioned the new rose gold quilling paper from JJ Quilling. Owners Diane and Tris Crane kindly sent me a package of it and four more new metallic-edge colors to try out and has that been fun! If you can’t go bright and shiny at the holidays, when can you? I made this necklace pendant that reminds me of a wreath... I'm thinking it could even be a tree ornament if you aren't one for jewelry. Hard to capture in a photo, the rose gold edge has a very pretty pink cast, yet it is gold at the same time - so cool!

Quilled Rose Gold Paper Wreath Pendant

You can't see much of the rose gold chain, but it was a lucky find at Michaels... the last one in stock at my local store and a nice match for the paper. The quality is quite good too, with a lobster clasp and extender. As they didn't have any jump rings to match, I made do with the same rose gold/ivory paper to create a bale by folding two strips together so that the metallic edging shows on both sides.

JJ Quilling Metallic-Edge Quilling Strips

The shine on these new papers is just as gorgeous as it is on other JJ Quilling metallic-edge strips. In the U.S. you'll find JJ papers at Custom Quilling (Denise stocks all of the new shades), Quilling Supply, and Whimsiquills.

Quilled Baby Photo Frame

The previous weekend I used the new strips to quill decorations to glue onto this photo frame that was a gift for friends who have a new daughter. I was asked on Instagram how long paper like this lasts... does it withstand dust? My reply: This kind, as well as regular (non-edged) quilling paper, holds up very well provided it is kept dry and doesn’t receive direct sunlight. For a frame that I expect will be kept out of harm's way on a nursery shelf, I would simply blow the dust off from time to time or use a feather duster with a light touch.

Fave Crafts Book and Supplies Giveaway - The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry

If you would like to learn to make quilled jewelry, you'll find twenty necklace and earring designs (including a different wreath pendant) in my new book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry. I was pleased that Library Journal recently gave it a very nice review: This beautiful collection opens up numerous options for quilling beyond the standard surface decoration and may inspire crafters to give this ages-old craft a try.

Take a chance on winning a copy at Fave Crafts (U.S. and Canada) now through December 10. In addition to the book, you'll receive two packages of metallic-edge quilling paper and a quilling tool courtesy of Custom Quilling so you'll be able to get started making giftable paper jewelry right away.

Or just add it to your wish list and maybe Santa will surprise you!

Have a great week and look for my newsletter that will be out on Friday.


Anonymous said...

As usual I see something I'd like to purchase, click on the photo. I find the book on how to make it, but not the actual piece. People, if you can't provide the link for purchase, don't put it out there!

Ann Martin said...

Anonymous, not every handmade item one sees on the internet is for sale. I generally do not sell my quilled jewelry except for an occasional commissioned piece. I am a designer and author, and so my blog posts are meant to encourage others to learn to quill. This particular design is brand new and not in any of my books.

Pily Nuñez said...

What beautiful designs Ann! And paper gives that special touch that this beautiful job requires.

Ann Martin said...

Thanks so much, Pily! I give lots of credit to the beautiful papers. :)

DreamyPosy - Paper Flower tutorials said...

It's sooooo adorable, Ann. And the image is very eye-catching. Congrats!

Ann Martin said...

Thanks Anh! I'm glad you like it.

SUGANTHI said...

Gorgeous pendant !!!

Amélia Jacob said...

Que lindo o Quilling é uma arte que eu amo e faço quadros lindos amei o pingente

Ann Martin said...

Thank you Suganthi and Amelia!

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