Monday, July 30, 2012

Paper Jewelry - Rely Designs

I was introduced to the eye-catching folded paper jewelry of Elisa Ridolfi via Twitter. She's an interior designer in Verona, Italy who also creates collages and special occasion cards, but today I'll be focusing on her unique brooches, pendants, and earrings.

Geometric Paper Bow Brooch

Bowties are fast becoming the new owl, fox, or mustache on a stick! Elisa's colorful brooch would be great on a jacket or pinned to a purse. She protects the cardstock with glue and varnish to give it durability and shine.

This patterned kusadama necklace has such a graceful shape.

Origami Flower Necklace

These twisted earrings are intriguing - I have no idea how Elisa gets the folded columns to swivel uniformly. The clear amber beads add a pretty finishing touch.

Twisted Paper Earrings

This octagonal safety pin brooch would bring a dramatic glint to a jacket lapel or scarf.

Folded Paper Brooch

Last, but certainly not least, sweet cherry earrings... made of rolled red paper, Elisa completes them with sterling silver hooks and little leaf charms.

Paper Cherry Earrings

See more of Elisa's work in her Etsy shop Rely Designs. She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Relydesign said...

Thank u so much Ann :)
Love this post and it's great how you chose the perfect words to describe my creations!
It's a real pleasure to be on your marvelous blog !!!!

Ann Martin said...

I'm happy you like the post, Elisa. The pleasure was all mine!

SUGANTHI said...

WOW!! Each look so unique and so very pretty. The cherry earrings looks too perfect. Can't believe it is rolled paper. The kusudama flower makes me want to fold too.

Relydesign said...

Thank u so much Suganthi :)

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