Paper DIYs

Quilling and other paper crafts
(for personal use)

The Basics

Folded Paper Rose
Fringed Flower Card

Reader Favorites from All Things Paper

Quilled Seashells Card

Shaped Teardrop Coils

Simple Quilled Flower Card

Quilled Valentine Hearts Card

paper twine heart knots

stitched geometric heart on paper in frame

Quilled Valentine Heart Flower Card

Quilled On Edge Lettering Love Card
 Love Card - Cursive Quilled Lettering Tips

Quilled Valentine Heart Card for Children

Handmade Valentine with Butterfly and Quilling

Punched Flower Heart Card

Spiral Paper Rose

Quilled Flowers Card

Wrapped Paper Hearts

Quilled Heart on Journal Cover

Rolled Metallic Quilling Paper Ornament

Quilled Snowflake

Lacy Quilled Snowflake

Quilled Paper Snowflake

Floral Circles Ornament

Paper Tube Christmas Tree Topper

Quilled Christmas Presents Card

Paper Bead Tree Christmas Card

Quilled Poinsettia Card

Christmas Ribbon Tree Cards

Folded Paper German Bell Ornament

Rolled Book Page Wreath

Quilled Christmas Tree Card
Quilled Bird Card

Quilled Cherry Blossoms Card

Quilled Retro Daisy Card

Quilled Flower Card

Quilled and Punched Flower Card

Quilled Flower Card

Rick Rack Caterpillar Card

Woven Paper Card

Rolled Yarn Flowers with Quilled Leaves Card

Quilled Spider on Picture Frame
Quilled Candles Birthday Card
Washi Tape Easter Egg Card

Folded Lucky Stars

Custom Lined Envelopes

Quilled Duck with Umbrella Baby Shower Card

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