Thank you for your interest in advertising your paper-themed book or product on All Things Paper via a giveaway. Readers of the site are drawn to regularly scheduled posts showcasing contemporary paper art and paper craft, unique handmade items including paper jewelry, DIY tutorials, home decor made of paper, and wedding-related paper goods.

Audience and Traffic


  • A majority of readers are in the U.S., followed by U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, and India
  • 33K users and 196K events in December 2023, as per GA4 
  • An active presence across social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr) with 108,000 followers
  • 4460 Blogger,, Bloglovin' and newsletter subscribers
  • Most recent newsletter open rate: 62.2% with a 20.9% click rate (MailChimp lists the industry average open rate for Arts and Artists newsletters as 26.27% with a 2.95% click rate.)

Giveaway Specifics


  • All giveaways are carefully screened to appeal to site readers.


  • Dual giveaway option - $100 - A full-length feature blog post with images of your items will be written and promoted across social media throughout the giveaway period and included in the newsletter. The giveaway will also take place on Instagram, directly exposing your products to thousands more.


  • Instagram giveaway option - $60 Your giveaway will run on Instagram and will also be promoted via the blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and the newsletter. It will include a static post and Stories.


  • Payment via PayPal invoice that will be sent when the giveaway is live.


  • Occasionally I am receptive to bartering in lieu of monetary payment. 


Note: Guest post and planted link requests are not accepted.

Sponsor Feedback:

LC STUDIOS - I saw how many people saw your posts and I am thrilled! Thank you!

FILIGRATTI - Thank you so very much for hosting my giveaway and helping me showcase my work to a large audience. It was my pleasure to collaborate as I learned a lot from you.  

VERSO JEWELRY - I'm so happy the giveaway got so much positive feedback!

PAPER ZEN - Fantastic! Your post made ME want to sign up and win.

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