Sunday, September 23, 2018

Paper Quilling Mosaic Logo Awarded a Guinness World Record

Years ago I was a member of an online quilling group where I met Nandini Acharya Rao who lives in Dubai. The group disbanded eventually, but she and I have always stayed in touch via Facebook. Recently, Nandini posted photos of a huge - no, HUGE - quilling project that she was involved with in recent months.

Paper Quilling Mosaic Logo featuring the Year of Zayed

Monday, September 17, 2018

8 Artisans Who Make Beautiful and Unique Paper Jewelry By Hand

It's been awhile since my last paper jewelry post... not because I didn't want to do another; heck no, it's one of my favorite topics! Just thought I'd better give other types of paper art and craft a fair shake, but fear not, because I've been saving up lots of beauties to showcase today.

stack of four handmade paper and silver rings

Monday, September 10, 2018

Make a Miniature Quilled Violin or Cello - Tutorials by Kariana Leinbach

The following is a guest post by Kariana Leinbach. She is sharing it in response to your comments about her amazing quilled orchestra.

Hi, everyone! Thank you for your kind comments and interest in my orchestra model. Many of you requested a tutorial on how to make the instruments... a 3D quilled violin topped the list. As a bonus, I am including the measurements for a quilled cello (in italics), since the building processes are very similar and it was also requested by quite a few of you. If you have questions or run into  trouble with the tutorial, comment below. I would love to see the instruments you make, so please feel free to send me photos of your work via my Facebook page, Symphony in Paper.

Miniature quilled violin played by a paper violinist

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

New Trends in Handmade Paper Lighting

If you've been watching the hit TV show Making It, you may have enjoyed (as I did) the Faster Craft Challenge in Episode 5 that featured natural lighting - no spoilers here, but wow! Paper and lamps have long gone hand in hand since shades are often made of paper, thus lighting is something I've featured fairly frequently here on All Things Paper, however, it's been a while since we last visited Etsy to discover the latest examples. Let's go!

deep blue paper mache spotlight with wood base

Monday, September 3, 2018

NEENAH Cotton Papers: 100% Cotton Papers for Correspondence and Creativity

It's always exciting when a product is launched into the world of paper, and I suspect many of you who share my paper enthusiasm will enjoy an introduction to NEENAH Cotton Papers. This new line from Neenah Paper was created especially for letterpress design, modern correspondence, and events with gravitas.

NEENAH Cotton Papers - 100% cotton paper sheets

Monday, August 27, 2018

Lighthearted Paper Craft Projects - Handmade Cards and a Toilet Paper Rose

After last week's lengthy post about an amazing quilled orchestra, I'll give your eyes a rest by simply sharing a couple of quick projects (compared to an entire band!) that I made recently. No less enjoyable to create, I must say... I had a nice, relaxing time working on each one.

metallic paper collaged tree card

Monday, August 20, 2018

Remarkable 65 Piece Quilled Paper Orchestra by Kariana Leinbach

I love to see people breaking new ground when it comes to paper art, and a complete orchestra quilled in miniature size by Kariana Leinbach certainly falls into the Wow! category. The moment I came across it on the Quilled Creations Facebook page, I wanted to interview Kariana so that we could enjoy hearing about all that went into completing this monumental project.

three quilled miniature violins

Monday, August 13, 2018

PAPER Christmas by Emily Dawe and a Free Paper Craft Project: Collaged Christmas Tree Greeting Card

We're a bit overdue in celebrating Christmas in July, but the dog days of August are just as good a time to get a jump on holiday crafting. Luckily, British paper crafter Emily Dawe's brand new book for Search Press, Paper Christmas, was recently released on this side of the Pond and it's chock full of stylishly simple ways to do just that.

Papercraft book cover, Paper Christmas

Monday, August 6, 2018

Quilled Paper Jewelry Featured in UPPERCASE Magazine

Are you familiar with UPPERCASE magazine? It's a beauty! Produced independently in Canada by Janine Vangool, its purpose is to "spark the imagination and inspire creativity." Happily, it is an ads-free publication (a rare feat in this day and age), supported by its readers.

Vintage metal containers on cover of Uppercase magazine, Issue 38

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Minimal Vase DIY Project from Paper Craft Home

As promised in my previous post that featured the new book Paper Craft Home by Sarah Louise Matthews (U.S. folks, a giveaway is underway through Saturday, August 4 - go enter!), here is one of my favorite projects found within its pages... Roost Books has shared the complete instructions and template to make the faceted Minimal Vase.

Folded Paper Vases with Flowers
Stylish and modern!
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