Monday, January 28, 2013

Tight Coil Heart Tutorial

Here's a variation on last week's wrapped paper hearts. Once again, Licia Politis made the examples and I'm the post writer - teamwork! She used the same ring coil base to create a heart shape, but rather than wrapping the frame with paper strips, she rolled them into tight coils in a variety of sizes and colors instead. The colorful dots are pretty and the heart frame fills in quickly.

Quilled Heart Tutorial

To roll tight coils, it's easiest to use a slotted quilling tool. These are inexpensive and available at many craft stores, as are packages of multicolored quilling paper. You can also cut your own strips from any paper you have on hand using a metal ruler and cutting blade or a paper trimmer. Quilling paper is generally a bit heavier than typical copy paper, but using it to make tight coils would be fine.

Quilled Heart Tutorial
Licia gave the heart a different look for this card by gluing the ring coil strips together only at the top curved areas. 

To make a tight coil:

Slide one end of a strip just far enough into the slot so that it doesn't extend beyond the end. Rotate the tool with one hand while guiding the strip with the other.

Quilled Heart Tutorial

When the end of the strip is reached, apply a dot of glue to hold it in place. A little tip... before beginning to roll, tear the far end of the strip. A torn end will blend better than a sharp cut so your coil will appear perfectly round. I find that a straight pin or paper piercing tool works well to apply glue when I'm making coils. There are also fine-tipped, refillable glue bottles that many quillers like to use.

Quilled Heart Tutorial

Licia added a silvery glint by gluing a metallic-edged quilling strip around each tight coil. Her heart frame also has some metallic strips mixed in with colored strips.

Completely assemble the heart on a non-stick surface and then place it on a journal, card, or mat board after spreading a thin layer of glue on the back.


SUGANTHI said...

Licia always comes up with the most beautiful projects. I love the card with the slight variation int he hear shape.

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Those hearts are beautiful!

Chandana Bhattacharaya said...


Sathya said...

Very beautiful tightcoils and pretty heart shape

Melissa Kojima said...

The 1st tutorial was so wonderful. I love that Licia has come up with another way to use the heart ring. Thanks so much, Ann & Licia!

Anonymous said...

many many thanks to Ann,Melissa,Sathya,Chandana, Meg and Suganthi for all your wonderful comments!!Licia

Kim said...

Nice! I like a quick project that is so striking!

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