Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quilled Birthday Cake Card DIY

Here's an idea for a dimensional birthday card... a quilled cake with candles.

Quilled Birthday Cake Card

  • embossed blank card
  • quilling paper (Paplin graduated color, dark center, 1/8 inch x 12.5 inch strip length) - yellow, peach, orange 
  • text weight paper for candles and 1/8 inch border stripe - orange, 1 sheet is more than you'll need
  • a few inches of lace (I rescued mine from a worn pillowcase)
  • silver-edge quilling paper (1/8 inch strips trimmed from an outdated guidebook)
  • quilling tool
  • crimper
  • glue
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • paper piercing tool or cocktail stick (to apply glue)

Quilled Birthday Cake Card

Cake: Run a stack of three quilling strips through the crimper. Repeat for a total of 9 strips. Gently roll each strip on a quilling tool, allow the loose coil to relax, and glue end. Make each coil about the same size. Arrange and glue as shown onto the card.

Cake plate: Glue a small strip of lace below the cake and under that, glue two silver-edge asymmetric S scrolls placed horizontally. To make each scroll: Roll one end of a 4-inch strip past the center point, then roll opposite end toward first roll.

Candle flames: Roll three silver-edge curved teardrops. To make each curved teardrop: Roll a 4-inch loose coil. Pinch to a point, then curve tip slightly with fingers.

You'll find previous tutorials for making candles (or quilled spills, as they are officially called) and for mitering border corners here and here.

Quilled Birthday Cake Card

A funny story about this card... last week it won the Craftsy Birthday Card Contest which was a big surprise to me. I had stumbled upon a post about the contest just a couple of hours before it was scheduled to end. Immediately this card sprang to mind... I'd made it to have ready for my niece's third birthday. Kismet - it was also Craftsy's third birthday! Believe me, things don't usually go that smoothly, but it's sure nice when they do.

If you're new to quilling, I've posted lots of tutorials and answered FAQ.


Janine Rudnick said...

This is such a cute card!

Ann Martin said...

Thanks Janine!

SUGANTHI said...

So pretty Ann . The lace is such a nice idea and no surprise that this card won:)

Denise Cameron Custom Quilling said...

Lovely card Ann! Great use of the Paplin graduated papers.

Ann Martin said...

Thanks so much!

Victoria Hudgins said...



Victoria Hudgins said...




Handmade in Israel said...

Such a cute card. It deserves to win the contest.

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