Thursday, June 11, 2015

Folded Book Sculptures - Clara Maffei

Because folded books are always popular here at ATP, I'm guessing this post will make many of you happy. It certainly made me happy to come across the sculptures of Clara Maffei on Pinterest. While I've long admired books that are folded into meaningful words like the ones by Stephanie Pounds and those who sculpt books into intricate scenes, like Su Blackwell, Jodi Harvey-Brown and Malena Valcárcel, Clara often turns books, minus their covers, into singular objects.

This trio reminds me of kaleidoscope crystals.

Folded Book Sculptures by Clara Maffei

Clara is an architect and designer in Italy. She told me she creates book sculptures as part of her job.

Chameleon Folded Book Sculpture by Clara Maffei

Often they are whimsical...

Rolled Paper Snake Sculpture by Clara Maffei
Rolled Paper Snake

Sheep and Mutton Folded Book Sculptures by Clara Maffei
Sheep and Mutton

Fox Book Sculpture by Clara Maffei

...and always clever.

Book Page Sculpture - Migratory Locust and Cicada by Clara Maffei
Migratory Locust and Cicada

Clara linked to this tutorial via her blog for making the locust if you'd like to try your hand at one too.

 Neapolitan Coffee Maker Folded Book Sculpture by Clara Maffei
Neapolitan coffee maker, Cuccumella

Folded Book Teapots and Cup Sculptures by Clara Maffei
Teapots and Cup

Stay current with Clara's newest sculptures via her blog or Flickr where she has been posting creations since 2011.


Traci said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing these with us.

Ann Martin said...

I'm glad you like them. Thanks so much for commenting, Traci.

Anonymous said...

Very awesome! You do great work! So much detail...Thanks for sharing!

trixiegirl5192 said...


Kathleen said...

Wonderfully creative! Thank you for sharing.

Stephanie Pounds said...

Clara is so imaginative! These are darling! And thanks for the shout out, Ann. :)

Ann Martin said...

My pleasure! I knew you would like Clara's work. :)

Ann Martin said...

Glad you like them!

Ann Martin said...

You're welcome! Thanks for commenting.

Ann Martin said...

She does! My pleasure. :)

anita prakash said...

Hi Ann I would like to learn book sculpture,
Clara's tutorial is not in english

Ann Martin said...

Perhaps you can copy and paste the text into google translate. If that doesn't work, then google folded book tutorials and also check Etsy where there are some very good instructions for a low cost.

Disty Long said...

Where do u find the turtoials

Ann Martin said...

Disty, if you mean the locust tutorial, click the tutorial link. If you are looking for folded book tutorials, google "folded book tutorial" and also check where there are some very good instructions for a low cost.

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