Thursday, February 16, 2017

Intricate Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

For a time, I was featuring papercut artists very frequently here on the blog, but stopped, not because I had lost admiration for the impressive works that some are able to achieve... instead, to bring back a sense of balance. When I saw the spectacular cuttings by Parth Kothekar in Ahmedabad, India, it was obvious the moment had arrived to once again showcase this artistic medium.

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

Parth's work has been featured on quite a few sites in the past, and I was curious to see his newest projects. First, a bit about his beginnings as a papercut artist, process and designs, each of which is one of a kind and completely cut by hand.

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

Parth got his start while experimenting with graffiti stencils. Paper cutting was a hobby until his close friends encouraged him to consider it a profession. He begins by creating a pencil sketch on a single sheet of matte white or black 120 - 130 gsm paper, and uses a surgical knife to make cuts directly on the surface. Finally, the paper is turned over to reveal the completed cutting. Parth is always curious to see the outcome and says that moment is what motivates him to finish.

Look at these miniscule cuts!

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

Are you enjoying being a full-time paper artist?

Yes, I am. It is difficult to sustain sometimes, but that is what challenges me to work more.

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

How do you manage eye/hand strain after many hours of such precise work?

Cutting is like meditation for me. I use enough lights and take a break whenever I think my eyes are taking too much effort. I will sleep 15-30 minutes and then start working again.

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

Have you always been an artist and if not, what was your previous career?

I was good in sketching during my school days. I would often draw and wanted to do something in a creative field so I chose animation after graduation. I was not a bookish guy while in school, but I did well in drawing, computer and English. :p

(Note: He doesn't need to kid about that last part... his English is easily understood.)

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

Which design is your newest?

I am pushing myself to do bigger papercuts these days - around 24 inches (61 cm) x 24 inches (61 cm) - and just completed this flower that was based on traditional Indian works.

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

Many of his designs have a delightful sense of movement... for example, swirling skirts.

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar 
Parth recommends framing a paper cutting between two pieces of clear glass without the use of glue for the best effect. 

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

This is one of his miniature lettering papercuts, just 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) x 2 inches (5 cm). I was fascinated to see how Parth's practiced hand cuts cursive lettering via his series of paper cutting demos on YouTube - they are mesmerizing to watch.

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

In addition to papercuts, Parth creates sets of miniature steel containers that feature his original designs printed on glass lids.

Paper Cuttings by Parth Kothekar

Find Parth on Etsy, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Behance.


Maureen said...

Remarkable, exquisite work.

cate said...

Always amazed by paper cuts, and these are phenomenal !!

MySpecialist said...

Thank you for the feature Ann!
He is great, isn't he.
Zoe :)

SmilynStef said...

So cool

Ann Martin said...

So glad you all enjoyed seeing Parth's papercuts. Zoe, thank you for steering me to his Facebook page!

Patricia Schwab said...

This is amazing. I thought the feathers were real. Thanks

Ann Martin said...

I had that thought at first too, Patricia!

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