Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paper Shoes - Kwandera

While scrolling around Pinterest recently (specifically lcipaper's Paper Art board), I came across this most amazing shoe that features origami cranes.


Of course I couldn't help but investigate the artist... Melinda Aszódi of Hungary. She refers to herself as a beginner shoemaker, but once you see examples of her leather work, as well as all of the fascinating paper shoes featured here today, I think you'll agree she's far beyond the beginner stage!

Melinda was delighted to share her images and told me that the Papershoes collection is her love and dream even though she finds herself making leather shoes more often. Melinda feels that creating shoes from either material is not only a handcraft, but an art.


Her paper shoes are non-wearable and meant to be decorative objects. She makes only one of each design and describes them as very light, almost weightless. Melinda recommends using any type of paper for shoe making - wrapping paper, newsprint, even partially recycled paper. "Paper shapes quite easily; layers are built up until the result is tough and durable."


She creates paper shoes on lasts so the sizes are perfectly realistic. The shoe is cut off the last along its lines and re-assembled; the final step is to sculpt the heels from Styrofoam.


Melinda mentioned that Hungary is quite well-known in the traditional world of shoemaking and that great masters keep the art alive today. She describes the process as a complex one that "requires precise concentration, high level professional knowledge, and humility."


It's important to Melinda that she make shoes using traditional methods, carefully fabricating the modern and whimsical designs with her own hands.


She follows trends somewhat, but always her original ideas dominate... warm colors and unusual shapes.

You'll find more shoe designs on Melinda's Kwandera Facebook page along with beautiful leather accessories... jewelry, purses, wallets, and belts. You can contact her via Facebook or her Etsy shop and follow her blog.


A little apology... on Monday's Art with Kids post I listed an incorrect link to Vicki Smith's gelatin print process, so here is the right one. Mary Anne Enriquez, a loyal reader and recycling pro, also sent along this link for making gelatin prints.


Vicki Smith said...

Wow! Fun and beautiful.

Maureen said...

So wonderful.

I'm wondering, are these in miniature, life-size?

Aszódi Melinda said...

Thank you Girls! :)

Yes, life-size like a real shoe. :)

Ayse said...

Wow. These are truly amazing! Difficult to believe they're made of paper; the versatality never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Kojima said...

Thanks for cluing me in to Icipaper's Paper Art Board. I absolutely love these paper shoes. I'm glad you made a closer investigation of Melinda's work. I'm amazed at what she's doing with paper. Great feature.

SUGANTHI said...

Another amazing artist. Love everyone of her paper shoes.Hard to believe they are made from paper. They all have such beautiful texture and look quite durable.

Beth Beal said...

What a fun post!

Jan Castle said...

Totally Amazing!!!! Will definitely take a look at her blog! A gifted artist for sure! TFS
Paper Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Melissa's shoes are just marvellous and inspiring!! Thanks Ann for the links.

Melissa said...

So fun! The last shoe in particular is gorgeous!

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