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Vicki Smith is an artist with much experience as an illustrator... her work has been printed in magazines and on brochures, menus, calendars, and posters - but she also delights in teaching art classes for children. Vicki generously shares her ideas on Art with Kids. The blog features projects that are perfect for introducing a variety of techniques to children, but I have a feeling adults just might enjoy them too.

Texture Print

She explains each project so that it sounds truly doable. I know I'd love to try my hand at textured printmaking now that I've seen how it's accomplished.

This printed paper wallet is quite nifty. Vicki details how to make it, but first you'll need access to weeds... I can send you some, ha! She arranged them on a sheet of paper, photocopied it, and constructed the wallet with a few simple cuts and folds. It would make a nice little holder for business or credit cards.


Vicki decorated these glass candle holders by first sketching a paisley design and then turned it into a colorful covering for all three pillars by making copies, adhering them to the glass with Mod Podge, and adding a final coat as a sealant.

Paisley Candle Holders

I've always been curious about creating gelatin prints... Vicki takes the mystery out of the process.


She has a very active Etsy shop [affiliate link] where you'll find an assortment of illustrated masks along with handmade books, prints, cards, and more. The owl or fox would be perfect for Halloween, make believe, or wall art. Vicki uses pastels and copies the richly colored images onto card stock.



One last project to show you today... this jumping jack paper doll is also in Vicki's shop, but if you'd like to make one for a child or better yet, with a child, you'll find the directions here.

Jumping Jack Doll

Visit her blog and Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing your talents, Vicki!

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  1. My favorite here is the charming jumping jack paper doll. Lots of wonderful art projects.

  2. Thanks you for writing about my blog and Etsy shop! Happy Halloween!!

  3. Th wallet is particularly lovely! Some great ideas.

  4. Great colors--especially the masks. Nice projects for kids as well. John in NYC.

  5. The Art With Kids blog is beautiful. I like Ryan's mouse. What a nice entry.

    - Eliz.

  6. So many fun projects for kids on her blog.The masks look amazing.

  7. Thank you again, Ann. She does do some beautiful things.

  8. Woweee!! Vicki is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing her work with us. I knew she was a fabulous illustrator and book maker but had no idea of her art blog for kids (and adults!). I'm a fan!

  9. I love Vicki's artwork. I added her to my Etsy favorite shops. The paper masks are my favorite. She sure is talented.

  10. Wonderful post and wonderful art. Thanks for sharing!

  11. very creative

    my compliments for you


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