Thursday, December 22, 2016

Papercut Peace Christmas Card and Craft Industry Alliance Modern Quilling Article

One evening right after Christmas last year, I sat down and made this Peace Tree Card, a paper cutting project and template I'd admired when Helen Hiebert shared it on her blog.

Papercut Peace Card

Now I don't have much experience with a craft knife - in fact, the one I used probably qualifies as an antique as it belonged to my husband's grandfather - but there are only a couple of cuts where a knife absolutely, positively is necessary... for the rest, a pair of scissors will be just fine.

Papercut Peace Card Supplies

I used the same wood grain card stock as for these little paper houses ... it's sturdy stuff, so no worries that the sign will fall over or even get saggy. I raided my craft drawer for decorations and came up with tiny gold paper fasteners as ornaments, a quilled holly sprig as the topper, and a tree embossed on a scallop-cut circle of pie plate foil... mmmm, pie.

If only world peace was as easy to achieve as the making of this card. So much for it being the most wonderful time of the year... tragic events are occurring with frightening regularity. While we wait and work together toward improvement, I wish you a peaceful, joyous holiday season in your own little space on this planet.

Papercut Peace Card

One last mention before I head off to wrap gifts... earlier this fall after blogging about changes in quilling, I was asked to write an article for the Craft Industry Alliance blog. It's called Trend Report: Contemporary Paper Quilling; I hope you'll click over to see many examples of modern paper filigree. If you aren't familiar with the CIA, it is a wonderful resource for professional crafters, offering solid business information via a forum and webinars, as well as its always interesting and available-to-all blog.


Handmade in Israel said...

What a wonderful card. Praying for peace as always x

Ann Martin said...

Thanks Lisa, I'm glad you like it. Here's to better times ahead (with any luck).

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