Monday, September 11, 2017

Clever Origami Illustrations by Wenlise_Fold

Because I've probably exhausted you all with rather wordy posts while launching my new book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry, you're owed a post full of fun and ingenious photos. And who better to feature in that regard than talented origami artist Wenche Lise Fossland of Norway?
 Wenche Lise Fossland - Origami Penguin Pair
Just the occasional fainting around a penguin girl in a flower crown in Antartica. 😍

Perhaps better known as @wenlise_fold, her creativity starts my mornings off in the best possible way. I enjoy the captions Wenche Lise writes for each little scene almost as much as the paper folding itself... it's a perfect summation stated in a humorous way. Do yourself a favor and have a look through her Instagram feed.

Wenche Lise Fossland - Origami Rocket
Weekends go by in warp speed 😱 
Especially sundays... Eeeeek.

What prompted me to share her work again was that she wrote to say how much she enjoys the All Things Paper newsletter... (music to my ears; you'll find the most recent issue here) While we chatted back and forth, I realized it had been some time since I last showed her delightful work. (Here's an interview we did a couple of years ago.)

Wenche Lise Fossland - Sonobe Units
Playing with geometry. Doing a lovely large project with Sonobe units. The material itself is small glassine storage bags for negatives. First it is a cutting and dissemble process of the bags. From one bag I get two sheets of glassine in the size of 9x9 cm. And I need about 300. Please, help me convince myself that I love cutting.

Wenche Lise mentioned an upcoming sonobe module project that I'm curious to see. Meanwhile, she promised to continue sharing the type of scene she considers her 'thing' - animal origami combined with nature.

Wenche Lise Fossland - Origami Bunny Duo 
Blow dryer gives best tail volume.
Have a marvelous day!

One last shout out... Karren Tolliver of the blog A Travel for Taste posted about visiting Colorado's Arvada Center where an exhibit titled Paper.Works recently ended. Watching Karren's slideshow is the next best thing to having seen the art in person.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
So thrilled that you like my pictures :) It is just for fun and a pleasure to make (and stage). If it gives other people a good time, it brings me double pleasure.
I find much inspiration in seeing what you and other talented paper artist do with this amazing material paper, you are so clever!
Much love from Wenche Lise

Ann Martin said...

Aw thanks, Wenche Lise, and yes, you definitely give others a good time!

cate said...

Looks like she has a lot of fun making these....just wonderful.

Ann Martin said...

I think you're right, cate!

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