6 More Artisans Who Make Gorgeous Paper Jewelry

There are few things I would enjoy more than a weekend spent with fellow comrades who make paper jewelry... we would gather and share what we do and talk about how we got started and what we'll do next and... and... it would be great! But the best I can manage for now is to introduce six more jewelry artists (in what has turned out to be an ongoing series) who are making truly creative, wearable art pieces.

Painted Paper Bracelet by Hoppipolla Lab
 Bangle Bracelet - Hoppipolla Lab

Emma Pallotta of Hoppipolla Lab in Turin, Italy studied Natural Science at university, but says her creative side has always been stronger than the scientific one. She creates beautifully translucent jewelry pieces from copper wire and white rice paper, the latter of which is painted with bright watercolors, then vitrified with acrylic paint and resin. Emma likens sculpting wire to drawing with a three-dimensional pencil... "shapes can be as simple as a spiral or as elaborate as a flamingo or bunch of grapes. The soft paper is transformed into a durable, glasslike substance, yet it is lightweight." Therefore, Emma is able to make large statement pieces in addition to small charms.

Paper and Copper Wire Jewelry - Pumpkin Pendant by Hoppipolla Lab

In case you are wondering about the name, Hoppipolla is an Icelandic word that means jumping into puddles... perhaps better explained as a feeling of joy. "I try to recall positive feelings of lightness and cheerfulness when I combine wire and colors.", says Emma. "And I'm currently studying the use of wine as a natural dye to bring a touch of northern Italy to my work."

Grapes and Wine Pendants by Hoppipolla Lab

Contact her via Instagram, Facebook, and check out her brand new Etsy shop, Hoppipolla Lab.
 Paper Bead Necklace by S.Chick

Stephanie Schick of S.CHICK has added to her line of unique handmade paper jewelry since she was last featured here in 2015. Paper beads are her specialty, but these are not simple jewelry pieces... each one has a visually pleasing structure that combines rolled paper with carefully selected findings.

Paper Bead Pendant Necklace by S.Chick

Orchestrating a Look Book photo shoot was a big accomplishment this summer. For these lime green bracelets, Steffi knitted paper twine and combined it with leather cording and a rolled paper accent bead.

Paper Twine Bracelets by S.Chick

Steffi's website shop, S.CHICK, is in German, but she also speaks English. [edit: she is now focusing on photography rather than jewelry making)

Hand-painted Paper and Resin Necklace by Dee Barnes Designs

Dee Barnes of Dee Barnes Designs of the U.K. was introduced to me by Dittany Rose, whose own Constellations range of paper jewelry was featured here recently. Dee creates pretty pieces using card, acrylic paints, chalks, inks and gold leaf, cuts them into free-form shapes, and applies resin as a glossy, protective surface.

Sealife Statement Paper and Resin Earrings by Dee Barnes Designs

No two are alike in the Colourfield range, although all feature rich colors and textured surface patterns. Each collection of Dee's unique gemstones is made as a small batch. 
 Mixed Stone Paper and Resin Earrings by Dee Barnes Designs

Dee Barnes Designs is on Instagram and Facebook. She is a member of Crafts Council U.K..

Paper and Silver Necklace Pendant by Circle and Dash

Circle and Dash in England is owned by Charlotte Doe who works with high quality acrylic paints to create limited edition papers using a variety of printing, layering and gilding techniques. The papers are then cut apart to make handsome jewelry designs so each piece is a bit different. The pendants, earrings, bracelets and cuff links are finished with a water resistant lacquer for protection and beauty.

Hand-Painted Paper and Silver Plated Cufflinks by Circle and Dash

Charlotte has been with the company since 2007 and was given the opportunity to take it over in 2014 when she finished university. She now does all of the designing of papers, painting, and most of the making, with some help from her family at busy times. Berry colors (below) are featured in the new collection for autumn.

Autumn 2017 Paper Jewelry by Circle and Dash

 Circle and Dash is on Instagram

Summer Solstice Paper Necklace by Liz Hamman

I first featured U.K. artist Liz Hamman way back in 2009 - oh, about 1000 posts ago (I'm not kidding about that number!) and have always admired her work because it is so varied as a collection, yet each piece is simply perfect in composition and construction.

Blue Marbled Paper Pendant by Liz Hamman

She made this blue paper pendant with hand-marbled paper and recycled vintage beads. Inspiration sprang from the marbled page edges of a ledger book she admired at The Silk Museum in Macclesfield, England. Town Mouse Country Mouse is a Ladybird book bangle composed of sculpted pages.

Town Mouse Country Mouse Paper Bangle Bracelet by Liz Hamman

Liz plans to launch an online shop, but meanwhile, can be contacted directly via Instagram or Facebook

Paper and Resin Bracelet by Bashful Pineapple

Christina Gelinas of Bashful Pineapple in Toronto, Canada uses Japanese Chiyogami papers to create small, hand-cut collages that she sets in lovely silver-plated hardware that is handmade in Mexico at a community-minded manufacturing studio, and then coats with resin. You'll find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and cuff links.

Paper and Resin Earrings by Bashful Pineapple

Christina has been making jewelry for ten years, and six years ago began designing with resin. Although she experimented with suspending a variety of materials at first, it was Chiyogami papers that she found the most exciting and dynamic. Christina said she discovered how therapeutic it was to create mini-art pieces, being able to forever showcase them as vibrant, shining little works of art.

Paper and Resin Necklace by Bashful Pineapple

Find Bashful Pineapple on Instagram and Facebook.

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