Monday, October 16, 2017

Mayumi Origami Paper Jewelry Etsy Shop Launch

Congratulations to Michaella! Thank you for all of your enthusiastic comments and stay tuned for another beautiful paper jewelry giveaway coming up soon!

I always enjoy featuring the beautiful folded paper jewelry made by Renata Mayumi of Mayumi Origami in Portugal. She has been working hard to launch her new Etsy shop and it is now open! I'm happy to help Renata celebrate by hosting this giveaway, but first, let me show you some of her recent designs.

Mosaic Origami Earrings - Mayumi Origami
Mosaic Earrings

Renata works with high quality papers - for example, Japanese washi  and Nepalese lokta - and attractive findings made of 24K gold plated brass or 925 silver plated brass to create some of the most stylish pieces of origami jewelry I've found anywhere. The folded paper is coated with several layers of non-toxic, acid-free varnish for water resistance.

HEXA Origami Earrings - Mayumi Origami
HEXA Earrings
Renata says, "These are my newest design. Big, charming and they make a different statement from other pieces!"

The jewelry is perfectly made too... I have seen her work in person and it is truly wearable art. She pays close attention to details and packages each piece nicely as well.

Sunset Origami Necklace by Mayumi Origami

Orders can be placed directly with Renata via Etsy. Choose from current listings or ask her to make a custom piece in the style and paper of your choice... the hardest (but very fun) part will be selecting a favorite paper from the hundreds of beautiful patterns in her catalogs!

Mayumi Origami Big&Bold Gold Paper Earrings

And now the international giveaway: One winner will be chosen at random to select and receive a pair of Mosaic Earrings that are currently listed in Renata's Mayumi Origami Etsy shop. To enter on this blog post, simply leave a comment about her jewelry.

Origami Necklaces - Mayumi Origami

Note that Blogger does not allow me to see the email address you type into the form with your name, so you must include an email address within your comment so you can be contacted if you are the winner. If spam is a concern, type your address like this: janedoe at gmail dot com

Origami Ring and Pendant - Mayumi Origami

A separate, but identical giveaway is underway on Instagram. You may enter both places to double your chances by the end of Saturday, October 21, 2017. The winner will be chosen via a random number generator from all entries, notified, and announced here and on Instagram. Good luck!

Origami Tassel Pendant - Mayumi Origami

Mayumi Origami is on Facebook and Instagram.

This post is sponsored by Mayumi Origami.


Annette said...

What an exquisite and sophisticated use of origami and gorgeous Asian papers. I use a lot of Japanese and Nepalese papers in my handmade greeting cards, so it was fun to see some familiar patterns. My email is acdennis6 at yahoo dot com.

Maureen said...

The papers are lovely and the designs of the jewelry very creative.

Michaella said...

These are incredibly beautiful!! I love the geometry inherent in origami and the pairing with the paper - gorgeous work.

My email is mcchung at Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Exquisite! The work is elegant and imaginative. It's always amazing to see how creative minds work.
dsdmd at aol dot com

Eunice said...

Such gorgeous wearable pieces! Really hope to own one! My email address is euniceong22 at gmail dot com.

Leslie said...

Really the most delicate and elegant origami jewelry I have seen. cervidae at hotmail dot com

Jean said...

Oh my goodness. So delicate and elegant!

Rose Moon said...

Beautiful! A lot of artistry!
hrhdeanne at yahoo dot com

Charmayne said...

Beautiful, incredible jewelry.
My email is clcnook at Yahoo dot com

Victoria said...

How beautiful! I have never seen origami jewelry before!

Westendpieces said...

So intricate. Love the colours and beautiful work. Wendy.

WW said...

Wow...being all about paper art myself, these are stunning.
Love your style and choice of papers. The designs are delightful.

quillingdee said...

Wow! These are absolutely beautiful. The Mosaic ones are my favourite, such a lovely colour combination. Dagmar.
Email: drpwalt73 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Beautiful jewelry! I love mosaic and hexa. eleonorcollins at gmail dot com

Jill Rauenhorst said...

Incredibly beautiful!
jillybean3 at embarqmail dot com

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