Paper Art

Enjoy reading about each of these fab paper art examples.

rolled paper jewelry by youngjoo lee
 Rolled Paper Jewelry

intricate paper cuttings by parth kothekar
Intricate Paper Cuttings

Folded Book Sculpture
 Folded Book Art

pleated origami light
Pleated Origami

cut paper centerpiece
 Cut Paper Centerpiece

 Monochromatic Paper Cuttings

 Paper Roses

 Holiday Decor

 Paper Croissant

The Artists' Muse

 Mantis Paper Sculpture

Cut Paper Squirrel

 Paper Animation

 Paper Orbs

 Cut Paper Collage

 Hyperrealistic Paper Sculpture

Woven Newspaper Tornado

 On-edge Illustration

 Paper Yarn Ball

 Paper Sculpture Illustration

 Paper Maché Piglet
Paper Flowers and Pinatas

Playful Paper Maché


 Tessellated Vases

Smooth Stones

 Envelopes Diva


 Quilled Wedding Gift

Pleated Pancake Maps

Paper Memoirs

Crepe Paper and Paper Clay Bouquet

 Paper Sculpture Animals

 Paper Maché Produce

 Painted Tulips

 Origami Ceiling Roses

 Lighted Centerpieces

 Cut Paper Structure

 Twisted Paper Sculpture

 Papier Mâché Fox

 Rule of Three

 Miniature Origami Jewelry

 Love-ly Quillography

 Recycled Paper Clock

Cut Paper Song Reader 

 Handmade Paper Lights

 Romantic Paper Cuttings

 Manifold Clock

 Folded Book - Peace

 Altered Book Snowmen

 Cut Paper Playing Cards

 Layered Circles Ornament

 Geometric Mobiles

 Remembrance Poppies

 Quilled Autumn Leaves

 Book Page Night Light

 Tree Branch Chandelier

 Paper Maché Acorn Ornaments

 Paper Maché Still Life

 Paper Weed


  Origami Nautilus

Paper Cut Lamp

 Sunflower Centerpiece

Night Star Light

 Woven Onion Dome

 Paper Cut Crane

Vellum Flower

 Paper Mache Teacups

Folded Crane Mobile

 Quilled Collage

 Geometric Paper Cutting


 Family Tree

 Bird and Caterpillar

 Paper Lamp


 Flower Ring

Guggen' Dizzy

 Wedding Card

 Magnolia Blossom

 Ginkgo Leaf-its

Papier Maché Japonais
 Paper Twine Flower

Tessellated Lamp

 Paper Rosettes