Saturday, March 7, 2009

The ArtBizCoach

I learn something new almost every time one of Alyson Stanfield's ArtBizBlog updates arrives in my inbox. She has a keen way of writing about art-related ventures I've long been thinking about, or have had in the back of my mind to pursue. I find her posts are often enough to push me into action, or at least provide food for thought. What I liked about this newsletter article is her message that because of the recession, big-budget exhibitions are being postponed, so space is more available than in recent years. Now would be the perfect time to go after an exhibit opportunity if you've been considering showing your work. Contact local art centers, galleries, or regional museums to inquire if they might be interested in meeting with you.


  1. Hi there! So thrilled you finally decided to take the plunge and begin blogging. You always find such great things to share about! I need to subscribe to ArtBiz. I used to check her out more frequently, but have gotten out of the habit.

    Looking forward to seeing all the treasures and insights you have in store for your blog readers!

  2. Ann, thank you for your kind post! I'm thrilled that you get a lot from my blog posts and newsletters. And, Paula, come on over and join us!

  3. Alyson is brilliant. I recommend her book too.


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