Paper Flowers at Chanel Spring and Summer Fashion Show 2009

Oh to have been one of the many workers who constructed the magnificent display of white paper flowers at Chanel's 2009 Spring and Summer show in Paris. Over 7000 elegant roses, daisies, leaves, and petals were draped on columns, railings, and tabletops. Runway models wore over-sized headdresses of white paper flowers, designed by Japanese hair and makeup artist Katsuya Kamo.

Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's head designer and creative director, explained his inspiration for the show - "A white page"..."It's like a starting point for the story of this new era for which all the details still need to be written. That is why I chose paper as the theme for the couture collection this season. It's also the fabric that I prefer most... I love paper! Everything begins on paper. Without paper I would be lost!"

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Just beautiful, Ann ! thanks for sharing with us !


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