Creating Faux Snakeskin Paper with Gina K Designs

With textured snakeskin all the rage in handbags and belts at the moment, why not include your paper projects in the trend too? Gina of Gina K Designs has come up with a novel inking technique in which she uses regular dye ink and clear embossing powder on a sheet of paper towel to create a realistic/shiny/and okay... somewhat creepy... snakeskin paper.

faux snakeskin paper
The process is a bit messy, but it looks like fun to me. Gina mentions using snakeskin as background paper on a greeting card, as an embellishment on party invitations for little boys, or to add interest to a zoo-themed scrapbook layout. I'm thinking it would also make great gift card holders for all the males in your life - graduation or Father's Day gifts perhaps - or for females too, for that matter. After all, there's no law that says you have to use brown ink. Perhaps a fresh, spring green or sky blue would be pretty. Watch how to do the surprisingly simple technique on StampTV.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Great idea.. could you suggest where I can find the snakeskin for this idea? and how to carry out the dyeing?


    1. Hi K, click the link at the end the post that says StampTV. It will take you to a video in which Gina K shows how to create snakeskin paper.


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