Sunday, April 26, 2009

Impress Rubber Stamps

People often ask where to get ideas for paper filigree designs. I find inspiration in so many places... nature, fabrics, wrought iron scrollwork, wallpaper patterns, and embroidery designs. Another great place to look if you have a certain object in mind, but need ideas on how to do the layout, try Google Images - type clip art and the name of what it is you plan to quill in the search box.

Sometimes I find inspiration from rubber stamp designs. A wonderful site, both for ordering the very latest in cardmaking supplies and for seeking ideas for greeting card designs, is Impress Rubber Stamps. I love to page through the fresh and stylish Impressive Ideas section of their website.Impress rubber stamps Remember though, it's unethical to use someone else's design for your own gain unless you have permission. There's always a way to significantly alter elements to make a design your own - have confidence in your ability to do just that.

The Impress company has three store locations in the state of Washington and offers a full slate of enticing classes - fingers crossed they will expand nationwide.

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