Perfect Packaging for Paper Quilling

With Mother's Day almost upon us, you might be thinking of wrapping up a small gift soon... jewelry perhaps... so I thought I'd share the way I've been packaging the filigree pendants I make. I like to use decorative tins purchased at my local big box crafts store. They measure about five inches by three inches.

several shallow rectangular tins for packaging jewelry

Here's a sampling of some I used for holiday gift necklaces and earrings. I love the designs - the store sells such a nice variety. I use a paper crimper to corrugate pieces of card stock to line the inside of the tins - one under the jewelry and the other on top.

three patterned metal tins that are rectangular and shallow

About a half inch deep and theoretically used to hold a gift card, they're ideal for small, fragile items. And if your gift has to be mailed, rest easy, as they're quite crush-proof. Slide a card and the tin into a bubble wrap envelope... it's good to go.

And while I'm talking packaging, if you ever need a place from which to order large quantities of gift boxes, a friend of mine recommends - search term Jewelry Boxes. She says they're good quality and affordable. In my Etsy wanderings recently, I came across Nice Package [edit: no longer open]. I love the look of glassine envelopes and red and white baker's string, a la Martha, so I'm saving the addy in my ever-growing faves list. Their little slide box is mighty cute too. All would be perfect for wedding favors.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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