Handspun Newspaper Yarn

From the always interesting Green Upgrader [edit: site no longer available], here's a how-to for lessening that pile of newspapers in the garage.
Designer Greetje van Tiem shows how she spins yarn from sheets of old newspaper.

When spun tightly and woven into a mat-like structure, newsprint becomes quite strong and durable. Greetje uses it to make things like this cool rug, and also room dividers.

Click here [edit: unfortunately not available] for Green Upgrader's step-by-step tutorial to learn Greetje's spinning method. Check out the comments section too, as there are lots of good tips - crumpling the sheets first, for example, makes them easier to spin.

photo credit: www.greetjevantiem.nl/
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Fascinating! And perfect for throw rugs. Or for making what we used to call in Girl Scouts "sit-upons".

  2. How intriguing. And when the rug wears out, it helps start the next family bonfire!!


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