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A few months ago I discovered craft podcasts. Took me long enough... I'd been missing out on a great resource! While working on projects, Pandora. com has long been my pal - it's a pretty wonderful free music site, but lately I find myself browsing the backlog of podcasts (also free) that each of the following sites offers... all different and well worth the listening time. There are interviews with people who craft for a living, many are book authors, and also discussions about the opportunities that abound in online and live marketplaces. Soon you'll be familiar with the various interviewer styles; perhaps you'll choose a favorite, or maybe you'll be like me and listen to them all every chance you get. Diane Gilleland's Podcast and blog all about Making Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood's Blog and podcast for those who love all things handmade Tina Seamonster's podcast... The future of making is in your hands.And one more: Alison Lee's podcast motto is Listen. Learn. Create!

Now then, since it's Friday, let's have some more freebies...

The brand new summer issue of Canada's Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine is available as a free download [edit: no longer available]. Tips for using brads and taking outdoor photographs are just two of this issue's hot topics.

For Keeps Creative Paper from Australia is another magazine that's available in an online format. I like it very much as it often features paper filigree, along with lots of other paper techniques. A hefty portion of their budget must go toward photography because the beauty shots really stand out. Scroll down to this badge on the right sidebar and click:You'll have your choice of magazines... Creative Weddings, Down Under Quilts, Creative Expressions, Beads etc, or For Keeps Creative Paper. Nice!

Recently I came across a very nice site and free e-book to tell you about; it's called The Art of Quilling and features simple quilling patterns and tips that are perfect for beginners.

Have a great weekend, everyone; I hope you'll get a chance to create!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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