Pop-Up Card Tutorials by Robert Sabuda

Robert Sabuda [edit: site no longer available] is an award winning 3-D paper engineer and children's book artist with a long list of titles to his credit. He's been creating captivating, movable paper ideas ever since he was a young boy.

photo credit: thepioneerwoman

The Chronicles of Narnia and Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs with its fierce T-Rex, are two popular titles.

photo credit: doobybrain

Robert, his partner, Matthew Reinhart, and a team of designers produce cleverly detailed pop-up books that bring classic and original stories to life.

Check out Robert Sabuda's website - he has generously posted templates and how-to instructions for making these nifty cards, plus many more. If you've ever wanted to give pop-up designs a whirl, now's your chance!
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