Paper Sculpture Artist - Daryl J. Ashton

Daryl J. Ashton works primarily in realistic paper sculpture. Trained in Philadelphia art schools, she's attracted to paper sculpting because of the manner in which the play of shadows and light bring depth to her compositions.

matted white paper sculpture lobster and shells
Her fastidious attention to detail stems from the illustrative pen and ink drawings she does for scientific journals and medical texts.

white paper sculpture shells
There's no doubt the New Jersey coastal island location of her residence influences her fascinating work.

Sea Creatures is the title of this complex piece.

Daryl begins by doing sketches and often develops a prototype before the final construction.

She enjoys bringing attention to the unique qualities of paper that allow it to be formed in unnatural ways to denote realism, such as the structure of the robin's nest.

white paper sculpture nested robins feeding
To ensure long term integrity of her work, she uses acid free paper, archival quality adhesive, and frames each piece under conservation glass.
3D Geometric is a free standing design made of sixteen 20-sided polygons. The shapes cast shadows, giving the white-on-white sculpture shades of gray as well.

Daryl also creates in full color; you can see more examples on her website, Daryl Ashton.

Photo credit: Rich Quindry

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  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous! Great feature, and great blog. Love all this papery goodness.

    - Marnie

  2. I really appreciate very much all your articles on your blog, it is always so interesting. This one about Daryl Ashton'paper sculpture is captivating and stunning. Thank you.
    Francine (from Switzerland)


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