Beautiful Vietnamese Quilling

A friend was surprised to come across this exquisite paper filigree piece in a craft supply shop in Jakarta, Indonesia. She didn't have a camera with her at the time, but luckily her cell phone pictures do a more than adequate job of conveying the beauty of the work.

Asian women riding bicycles portrayed in paper quilling

She asked about the artist, but all that was known was that the husband of a friend of the store's owner had purchased the framed piece while traveling in Vietnam.

Perhaps via the wonder of the internet, the artist, or someone with knowledge of the work, will come across these photos. If I hear anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

I especially admire the way the quilling captures a sense of motion via the fine shaping of the coils that make up the loose, fluttering clothing. By the way, the paper width is only 1.5 mm!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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