Paper Weaving and Paper Rolling - Baskets and Boxes

It's time for some container gardening.... quilling style, that is. My pals are always coming up with good ideas, so I asked if I could share these pictures with you.

Tracy Belair Gaito in Vermont (you may remember her orbit necklace and tiny mice) made this graceful spiral basket. rolled paper miniature basketIt reminds me of the kind Martha Stewart carries as she sashays through her gorgeous cutting gardens for the tv cameras. (yep, just jealous :-) Tracy has filled her baskets with irises and glads... I love the fresh, bright colors she's so good at using.
Washington's Heidi Bishop (remember her cool quilled zebra's eye?) made this beautifully ornate treasure box. The highly detailed, encrusted filigree style harkens back to Jane Austen's time.

Stephanie Lucy Djunaedi from Indonesia creates clever paper weaving projects. Here she's decorated the top of a little paper covered box with a pretty floral arrangement. And this little woven basket Steph made makes me smile - it's so realistic, right down to the stitching. I hope these ideas have started your creative wheels turning!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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