Between the Folds

Just last night while perusing my Twitter feed, I noticed a link to an origami documentary, titled Between the Folds... what timing, considering yesterday's post about Ilan Garibi! The award-winning film is described as "A documentary exploring the science, art, creativity and ingenuity of many of the world's best paper folders."

Even better than awaiting the release of the DVD on Netflix, I'm happy to report that the PBS television show, Independent Lens, will premiere the film beginning December 22nd for those of us in the U.S. Three short clips are already available on YouTube.

YouTube link 1 (above), link 2, link 3

You also might enjoy this interesting interview with producer and director, Vanessa Gould, about the surprising magic of origami, as well as the official trailer.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Oh, thank you so much for this alert - must watch that on PBS. Thanks, Ann!

  2. Thanks for your post! Sally Rosenthal here, executive producer. Thought you'd like to know (1) PBS broadcast will be different dates in December in different markets - check local listings. Dec 8 in many places. (2) DVD is available worldwide from

  3. Sally, thanks very much for the info. I sent out an updated post to let everyone know.


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