Paper Chains and Garlands

Have you noticed how very popular paper garlands are lately? I've been seeing a wide variety - from super-cute to elegant - in magazines, print ads, and stores. Definitely not just for Christmas, they're always perfect as party decor, but now are also being hung as eye-catching, year-round displays in homes.If you're looking for fresh ideas to decorate your child's room or even your mantel, June Gilbank, co-owner of one of my favorite paper-themed blogs, Folding Trees, has just written her first book, Paper Chains and Garlands. June walks us, step-by-step, through the satisfying process of making our own. Released by Barnes and Noble in a nifty book/kit format that includes patterns, instructions, and pretty paper sheets and rolls, Paper Chains and Garlands is available at Barnes and Noble stores and via their website.
Congratulations, June!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. I cannot wait to get this book! I have a new shop on etsy called crown paperie and the only thing I currently have listed there are paper chains! thanks for the review! Carla

  2. Thank you so much, Ann! I hope your readers will enjoy my book :)



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