Monday, October 19, 2009

Slash: Paper Under The Knife Museum Exhibit

click for close up view... it's amazing to think her attire is all paper.

Eloise Corr Danch has done it again! Ruffian Paper Doll 2009 is an extraordinary historical costume sculpture she created for the opening gala of Slash: Paper Under The Knife, a new exhibit at New York City's Museum of Arts and Design.

From Eloise's site: For this sculpture I used many pages of the book Ruffian: Inside Out (Assouline). Her bustle features pictures of Brian Wolk and Claude Morais designing the collections, as well as images of their prints, inspiration reference, sketches and the lovely models who illuminate Ruffian's silhouettes. The stripe pattern was made by cutting up quotes from the book and reassembling them in a pinstripe pattern which was then draped into her skirting. Her bodice features a 2 layer floral pattern that I illustrated and then cut through. She has a trademark Ruffian lace collar, lace cuffs, and a floral hat with feather detail. Her body is covered in LeMonde newspaper.
To learn more about Slash: Paper Under The Knife, which features paper that's been burned, torn, cut, and shredded, there's a terrific short video here [edit: no longer available]. The exhibit runs through April 4, 2010.


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