Sculptured Paper Flowers - Carol Gearing

Blogging puts me in touch with creative people on a daily basis... I like the way their art or craft inspires me and often results in my looking at the world in new ways. Carol Gearing's eye-catching work is no exception. After leaving a comment on her blog, she wrote to thank me and expressed that she too, loves paper. Carol's art cannot be summed up easily, as her accomplishments are so diverse... photography, drawing, painting, writing. One large design project that especially caught my eye was the incorporation of paper art - cutting and sculpture - into an interior space. For this serene entrance hall in a home atop a beautiful Yorkshire dale, Carol cut flowers from ivory handmade cotton rag paper with scalpel and scissors, and then sculpted them by hand before clustering in a clear Perspex box. She wanted to bring the essence of nature into the calm, spacious interior, but not in an obvious way.
In the past year Carol approached paper cutting as a relative novice, but soon mastered pristine, organic forms of nature. Carol has been exploring other avenues with her paper art too. She says this Dark Night piece was a flight of fancy.Recently Carol was on a path of colorful crepe paper shoes. She made them as more of a personal journey, but they attracted the attention of the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper's Art and Design editor, leading to interest from a New York ad agency. Where will Carol's creativity take her next? She tells me she's been designing patterns based on her sketches and photography that can be used in future projects... glass panels, for example.... think of damask with a twist. Follow Carol's odyssey via her website, Carol Gearing.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Thanks for writing about my work Ann, I am in illustrious company. You mentioned Carol's Odyssey, I see it like the Hero's Journey, a rite of passage. My creativity compels me forward, as I work away on a current piece, always from the essence of this a new idea burgeons forth. My intuition, my inner guidance gently pulls me forward and sets the seeds for the next project.

    Thanks to everyone who has visited my site and hope there is something there that will inspire you too.

    Carol Gearing

    PS your comments box is not working correctly

  2. I loved viewing Carol's gorgeous masterpieces...they are magic!! I love the white on white themes, and I wish Carol much success in her artistic persuits.

  3. This is the work of genius. Her art is beautiful. I love the glass cases protecting the delicate paper.

  4. Carol's work is more than beautiful. I love every masterpiece and her work is a real source of inspiration for all of us. Thank you Ann for posting this!

  5. Jamas habia visto nada parecido, me he quedado sin habla, que maravilla.En este momento tengo una envidia..........que pena no poder aprender hacer esto. MI MAS SINCERA ENHORABUENA.

  6. foarte frumoase lucrarile tale
    le urmaresc din Romania
    imi plac mult florile din hartie alba
    sunt superbe
    as vrea sa fac si eu pentru mine astfel de flori
    mult succes in continuare!


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