Quilling Method by Raphael Art

Whenever I think I've seen it all when it comes to what can be done with simple strips of paper, I'm surprised by something beautiful and new...

Kaduaki Kagawa is a Japanese designer who has developed a unique process of manipulating paper. He calls his method Raphael Art [edit: site no longer available], no doubt a nod to the Renaissance painter known for the grace and perfection of his angelic portraits.In 2000 Kaduaki began embellishing his own computer illustrations with narrow, curved strips placed on edge. What he does is not quilling - he doesn't coil paper as is typically done - but the tools and paper necessary for his craft are quite similar to the ones quillers use. 1/4 inch (5mm) strips, cutting blades, and tweezers are essential to his method of carefully placing fine details. Letters are balanced flawlessly on edge.After perfecting his system, Kaduaki designed wedding announcement kits and card stands. He then began offering a variety of classes in which he demonstrates the details of setting up one's workspace, the products that work best, and how to position the cutting blade in order to duplicate his precise designs. Women, and sometimes couples, who are engaged to be married take his classes to learn to create their own personalized Raphael wedding board announcements.Christmas, angels, and other winged creatures are common themes in Kaduaki's designs, many with a whimsical touch.
Visit the Gallery at Raphael Art to see many more examples of Kaduaki's work, as well as a video in which he demonstrates his teaching method.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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