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Every once in a while I feel the need to assemble a post that's chock-full of links to things I'm pretty sure you'll find interesting... clicker at the ready?! Design Sponge featured lovely paper cut illustrations that Kate Forrester created as a holiday ad campaign for John Lewis department stores.

Ten typographic images of the merchant's seasonal slogan "Give the Perfect Gift" can be seen on billboards, buses, underground stations, and newspapers all around the UK.

How awesome that paper art is making such a statement in advertising lately.

And just in case you're shopping for a budding paper artist this holiday season, there's a terrific little book/kit called Twirled Paper by Jacqueline Lee. It's part of the Klutz series for kids and is the perfect introduction to quilling.

Very nice quality quilling paper, a slotted tool, fine-tip glue bottle, google eyes, and lots of nifty designs are included. It suggests a reading level/ages 9-12, but with supervision I'm positive younger children would enjoy it too. In fact, this comment I received recently really rang true to me about kids and quilling:

oh my goodness! i learned quilling at summer camp eons ago but could never remember the name of it; thank you for the memory burst! it was so much fun and surprisingly good for 7-year-olds because it takes such intense focus.

So there you go... affirmation that little ones can handle the challenge too.

While checking out how-to links at Craftig [edit: site no longer available], I came across this clever little cardinal ornament designed by cheekymagpie [edit: no longer available]. Print, cut, and fold... I'm thinking it would be a lot of fun to add some filigree wings and tail feathers. Hope I'll get a chance this weekend to make one.
This pretty origami wreath by Maliah, was featured at Folding Trees [edit: no longer available]. I love the fresh color scheme... if you don't have time to make one before Christmas, it would be perfect as a springtime decoration too. Maliah used scrapbooking paper from Target and the petal pieces are modified cherry blossom folds.

Lastly, here's a really quick mixed media Christmas card tutorial I did for CRAFT this week... skinny ribbon trees with a retro flair. Be sure to check out CRAFT's site [edit: now Makezine] as it has a brand new look... all the columns and features of the former print magazine, but now with lots more content and it's wonderfully free!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Thanks for the lovely post, Ann!
    Twirled Paper by Jacqueline Lee is one of my favorites, too. But you probably know that if you saw my review of it :)


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