Origami Club

Here's a terrific origami site for fraidy-cats (like me) who procrastinate on trying all sorts of intriguing folds. We really can't go wrong as each step-by-step design is animated and there's even a cool option for choosing the speed at which to watch the folds take shape.

Origami Club is loaded with designs, many of which could come in handy for Valentine making. And don't let the 'club' word deter you... no joining is involved.

I'm already dreaming up a caption for a card that features this bear-pair.
Something like...
Who me? Be your Valentine?
And inside... Sure! We'll be bear-y good together.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. I love doing Orgamini. I thinkit is fun and people are always interested in what you are doing! Thanks for the web site!

  2. Love the cherry blossoms especially!

    Thanks for that site - I'm off to explore it now.

  3. Thank you for sharing :) I love your bears and that site is AWESOME!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this site! I looked around and found some card cases - I made one big enough for index cards (I love index cards!). Very nifty!

  5. No more fear! Thank you so much for sharing this site!


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