Contemporary Paper Jewelry by Tia Kramer

I can't think of a better way to kick off the new year than to feature the striking, contemporary paper jewelry of Tia Kramer... it makes me think of a celebration.

Contemporary Paper Jewelry by Tia Kramerbracelet
photo: Betsy Siber

The stylish silhouettes of recycled sterling silver necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that Tia creates are intriguing - both delicacy and strength are conveyed by their simple elegance and bold lines. The designs are accented by colorful paper inserts she makes by hand using plant fibers from the Philippines - the paper is colorfast and water resistant.

Paper Jewelry Sample Colors
Inklings of Tia's jewelry line emerged in 2003 when she created miniature three-dimensional prototypes for a large permanent sculpture she was commissioned to install while a studio art major at Macalester College in Minnesota.

Paper Artist Tia KramerPaper Sculpture by Tia Kramer
Later Tia studied fibers and materials as a grad student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Contemporary Paper Jewelry by Tia Kramerearrings
photo: Betsy Siber

She describes herself as an installation, sound, and adornment artist and in addition to her creative pursuits, Tia is an adventurer. While in college, she studied traditional textiles, dance & music, and contemporary women's emancipation in Ghana, and says she can't help but see the influence of beautiful African cloth paralleled in her artwork.

Contemporary Paper Jewelry by Tia Kramerearrings close up
photo: Betsy Siber

During two Astral summers from 2006-2008, Tia worked on Ross Island, Antarctica with the United States Antarctic Program. This is where she perfected her jewelry designs, inspired by the barren whiteness and encouragement of her fellow team members.

Contemporary Paper Jewelry by Tia Kramer
In 2008 she relocated to Seattle where she recently showed a special collection of mobile-inspired work in conjunction with the Alexander Calder Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.

Contemporary Paper Jewelry by Tia Kramernecklace
photo, Betsy Siber

Tia's adornments can be found at museums, galleries and boutiques nationally, including the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing Shop, Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Shop, and Poppy Metal in Washington, DC., and also via her website.

Update: Tia's jewelry is featured in the April 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Living.
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