Monday, February 1, 2010

Filigree Heart

England's Rosie Graham was one of my first online quilling pals and I give her credit for inspiring me in more ways than can be counted. This is just one example of the many incredibly detailed hearts she's designed. Rosie, always the modest one, says all she does is roll three inch strips. Right. There's lots more to it than that of course, as evidenced by the complex and beautifully spaced pattern. In fact, I'm thinking it would fit right in with the antique paper filigree at London's Victoria and Albert Museum!


  1. It's unusual to see such traditional quilling these days. Graham's work is lovely! Does she have a Web site or Flickr account with more photos of what she's done?

  2. Avital, Rosie blogs at, but I don't think she has featured any of her quilling. You might enjoy seeing the punch needle work and cross stitch that she's been doing lately.

  3. Her workis absoltely stunning. Oh How I wish I could do something like that! Patience, patience,Patience.

  4. Ann, thank you for showing my work, I haven't seen that particular piece for a long time so it was nice seeing it again.

    Thank you also to the ladies who commented. It was a great feeling to get such wonderful comments.

    Love Rosie x

  5. congrats to Rosie, I never tire of seeing your gorgeous quilled hearts!!


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