Paper Delights at Anthropologie

Andrew Ritchie, the voice behind Martha Moments, a beautiful blog about all things Martha Stewart, was a featured guest on her television show in January... appropriately, the topic was blogging.

While in New York City for the filming, Andrew, a department manager of Toronto's Anthropologie, visited the company's largest store at Rockefeller Plaza, and also the downtown SoHo store. He wrote about his day here... so very interesting if you're a fan of the creativity that runs rampant in each Anthro store. Andrew has kindly shared display pictures with us that he took that day...

How about a fabulous paper mache peacock with its tail composed of bright orange chopstick wrappers and plastic spoons?! A meandering, scrolled wall design and nifty bird... A fab elephant and fish with layers of paper scales.And lastly, here's a very cool ostrich from Andrew's own Toronto store. Such clever people, those Anthro stylists!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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