Quilled Wedding Cakes

How cheerful is this cake with its pretty paper filigree topper and extraordinary fondant flowers?!

quilled cake

It was created as a tablescape centerpiece for The Dream is in the Details, an article that can be found in the latest issue of Utterly Engaged, a beautiful wedding e-zine. [edit: no longer available]

Nancy Park of So Happi Together, an event design and coordination company in California, quilled the lovely topper and ribbon band embellishment. She credits her cousin-in-law, who Nancy visited while in Korea seven years ago, with introducing her to paper filigree. Nancy says that quilling satisfies her love of paper, crafts, and beautiful things in general. She stocked up on books and supplies in Seoul and returned home, ready to use her new-found interest for scrapbooking, cards, and small gifts. Nancy has tried both a slotted tool and needle tool, but prefers to roll coils with just her fingers.
 quilled cake topper

Kayla Lee, of Kayla's Kakes [edit: site no longer available] in Fullerton, California, made the layer cake and embellished it with perfectly quilled fondant flowers. A rolling pin and X-Acto knife were her main tools, along with a flower cutter (for gumpaste use) to create a few of the flowers. The majority however, Kayla rolled by hand. Something tells me she would be a natural at paper quilling. Look - there's even a tiny fringed flower in the mix!

quilled icing flowers on layer cake

Kayla said that after considering ideas for the cake in her head for a week or so, it took just a couple of hours to do the actual construction. True to form, the most time consuming part of a project like this is creating an eye-catching design.

white paper flowers

And don't miss the beautiful ball of white paper flowers that's pictured above the dessert table. It was made by Jane Jeon of Olive Hue Paper Goods. Jane is also responsible for the elegant stationery designs that are featured in the article.

It's exciting we're on the cusp of wedding season once again! I look forward to featuring more paper ideas in the coming months that can be included in wedding decor.

Ann Martin
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