Paper Cuts - Lorraine Nam

Talented Lorraine Nam will soon be graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. Cut paper is her preferred medium. She creates such fine detail... it causes me to look and look again, all the while imagining a story that lies within the piece.Rice Husband
StarlingLorraine stumbled upon the process of paper cutting in 2007 while experimenting with cut paper books. She was intrigued by the 2-dimensional quality of a silhouette turned into a 3-dimensional image.Korea

After creating a number of laborious hand cut books, Lorraine focused more on single images and used shadow to create dimension.Gender Role

She tells me she doesn't have any plans for after graduation, other than moving to New York. "... the rest is up to hard work and luck, I guess!"

I think the lines of Lorraine's bold and honest self portrait speak of her determination to succeed.
Visit Lorraine's website and blog to see more of her intriguing work.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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