Paper Quilling by Lois Bandt Weber

Earlier this month I spent an afternoon at the convention of the North American Quilling Guild in New York. It's great to meet up with so many people who share a common interest and is always fascinating to see the quilling that's been entered in the annual competition. Lois Bandt Weber has won several NAQG awards in the past, hosted the convention last year in Florida where she lives, and brought along quite a few of her framed pieces to display at this year's event. She is devoted to quilling and with her outgoing personality and sense of humor, perfectly suited for teaching and generating interest in the art. In 2000, Lois says she wandered into a quilling class in her retirement community and remembered that she had made snowflakes for her children's teachers years ago. At the time, she wasn't aware it was called quilling.Upon returning to Wisconsin for the summer, Lois experimented with techniques, looked at pictures for inspiration, and generally enjoyed the process of learning all she could about quilling. Although she never had official artistic training other than high school art, she credits her mother with sending her to every art/craft class the YWCA offered.
She's developed a method of rolling several colors of paper together to "paint" with it, similar to the way portrait artists dip a brush into several shades. Even though the quilled faces are actually flat, they appear to have dimension.

Lois, thanks very much for sharing this sampling of your fascinating work!

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