Monday, May 3, 2010

Altered Book Seashell Sculptures

How astonishing are these paper shell sculptures by Australian artist, Rosie Miller?!To my eyes, their beauty is as subtle as the silent words on a page. Somehow Rosie manages to sculpt books into perfect shapes - I wish I could watch her at work. The pieces were part of Paperback Series II, a collection of eight books, installed on mirrored shelves for DEBUT IV, a 2008 exhibition featuring the work of newly graduated art school students at Blindside, a gallery space supported by the city of Melbourne.See more of Rosie's fascinating work on wooloo.

By the way, I've added Christine Donehue's email address to the bottom of Friday's post, if you would like to contact her about her quilling.

A Giveaway for a $10 gift certificate to spend at CustomQuilling winds up at the end of today, May 3. Enter here! I'll announce the winner tomorrow.


  1. seriously... paper! I see it but I can't believe it.

  2. It is really stunning how beautiful this is! Thanks

  3. Fascinating, I’m interested in what the process is to create these pretty books!

  4. I love Rosie's paper shell sculptures, I would also love to watch her create these interesting artpieces and touch them as well!!

  5. My brain can hardly process this! I too would love to watch her create these.


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