Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Party Time!

A collection of pretty little things I've come across recently...

Noemi of imeondesign makes all sorts of nifty paper objects. The not-too-fussy cake slice and fortune cookie hold a small favor or words of love.

Planning an autumn wedding? A sweet tote from Safiya that holds a bar of their monogrammed, shea butter soap would be a favor I'd love to receive.

Or perhaps these clever acorn gift boxes, designed by Jessica Wolf of PaperAcorn.

Jessica also makes pretty garlands, place cards, and luminaries.

Lastly, not made of paper, but I have to show it to you because it's adorable... a birthday cake by Black Flour at CakeCentral.

What a great example of edible quilling!


  1. Paper acorns look beautiful . The cake looks good too!!

  2. These are wonderful. Makes me want to throw a party!

  3. Love the cake and the bird garland.Wonder if I should try making one.Would it be classified as stealing ideas????

  4. Sumi, I think it would be okay to make your own using these ideas as inspiration. Add your own touches so they aren't exact replicas and keep what you make for your personal use. Problems arise when people duplicate the ideas of others and sell them as their own.

  5. I just love those acorn boxes. So cute. That's some cake, very creative. It's amazing what people can do with fondant.

  6. Thanks for featuring my fall boxes! Everything is so beautiful - especially those little acorn boxes, how cute! Thanks again

  7. Hello,

    All these are fabulous!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  8. The paper acorns are gorgeous :)
    Lovely indeed...I love the edible quilling too...Thanks Ann :)

  9. Oh my goodness!

    You are just an inspiration. I LOVE that piece of cake one. Love it. Must go and check out imeondesign now.


  10. These are fantastic! That little strawberry piece on top of the cake is just brilliant. :0)

    Love to see my paper goods along with other wonderful works! Many thanks**

  11. Everything is adorable - but looks like lots of us are drawn to the acorn boxes. Me too!

    And the edible quilling is genius!


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