Paper Art Exhibit in Portsmouth, New Hampshire - At the Edge

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center while staying overnight in New Hampshire. Stumbling upon it while sightseeing on an already beautiful afternoon was like a little gift - there was lots to take in despite the museum's small size. The current show is called "At The Edge" and asks questions about contemporary art. I was happy to see it featured some very interesting paper art.

Lost in My Life
Rachel Perry Welty 2009
On loan from the Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts

This fascinating portrait is part of a series by Rachel Perry Welty, in which she utilizes what she calls "...leftovers from the language of modern life." It's composed of price stickers affixed to a pigmented ink print. Unfortunately my picture doesn't begin to capture the detail, but hopefully this close-up will give you an idea of the design complexity.

New York City artist Heather Cox created an intriguing sculpture of repetitive image portions cut from photographs and placed on wooden dowels. It's a curious piece that draws you in for a closer look.

Eye Columns Heather Cox 2002

The exhibit runs through July 11, 2010. If you're nowhere near beautiful, historic Portsmouth, don't fret, you can still see most of the show. I found a very nice (under-viewed!) video here.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. That must have been a fun exhibit to visit. Both of the things you posted are fascinating. It never ceases to amaze me what people can do with a little imagination.

  2. What an idea to use price stickers! And so artistically done .The eye column is such an unique creation.

  3. I love this kind of "extreme" art - making art out of unexpected things. What a nice "stumbled upon" gift you found!


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