Naomi Shiek - Colorful Paper Cuts

Naomi Shiek makes beautiful paper cut songbirds... I'm drawn to the bright layers of color with meticulous detail, and imagine that paper cutting must be somewhat akin to a meditative effort with its graceful and controlled movements of the knife.
Naomi graduated with a degree in graphic design from The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, where she studied illustration, textile design, and even ceramics along the way, but currently spends much of her free time as an avid paper cutter.She enjoys putting a great deal of thought into her designs... this goes hand in hand with the time-consuming nature of paper cutting.
Folk tales inspire Naomi, and she especially enjoys woodland themed projects. I love the elegant simplicity of her cut work.
She also creates very detailed, more traditional papercuts, and does fabulous embroidered designs, paintings, and etchings too.Visit Naomi's Etsy shop, The Time Is Now, and her blog, to see more of her work.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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