Modern Art Paper Sculptures

Katty Barac has a talent for creating simple, stunning designs. Several months ago she opened an Etsy shop [edit: no longer available] from which she sells paper lampshades and mobiles that easily double as modern art sculptures.

Mariella Lampshade, recycled paper and steel

Yes, both photos are the same lampshade... amazing! It looks so different from one angle to the other. The shade casts a soft light downward, but a bright light toward the ceiling.

Big, Big Shell Lampshade, paper, steel

This shade is constructed of watercolor paper and was created by Katty and textile designer, Genevieve Bennett. I'm picturing the beautiful shadows it must cast in the dark of night.

Contemporary Leaf Mobile, paper, steel, nylon thread

Katty takes pride in developing products that are elegant, durable, and economical, and after spending years designing objects for others to produce, decided she would enjoy taking part in the making side of the process... thus her new shop.

Handmade Flair Lampshade, cartridge paper (heavy drawing paper) and steel

In 1995 Katty co-founded One Foot Taller, a furniture and lighting design company in Glasgow, Scotland, and has since added a second location in Saint Plancard, France. The company uses new materials manufactured locally, along with recycled ones, and strives for sustainability.

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  1. Her leaf mobile and her flair lampshade are my favourites . What a beautiful way to recycle.

  2. i LOVE the leaf mobile!! it's very alexander calder. love love. and i've been staring at that first lampshade forever. that is mindboggling that it looks so different from different angles!

  3. Such clean and beautiful lines! They are really beautiful.


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