Quilled Holiday Designs from Yulia Brodskaya

On a bit of a quilling jag lately, so let the trend continue...
I have some brand new quilled designs to show you by one of my very favorite quilling artists - and yours too, I bet - Yulia Brodskaya.

These were spotted on the website of Cafe Rouge, a chain of French-inspired restaurants located throughout the UK. Yulia was commissioned to quill her typical, eye-catching designs for the purpose of attracting diners and party-planners to reserve dates for holiday events.

Lots of companies have hired Yulia to create quilled designs in recent months - Google, Oprah's magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and The New York Times just to name several, but what I especially appreciate about Cafe Rouge is that they included an About the Art/Artist page in plain view on their website. [edit: site is unavailable]

It credits Yulia, links to her site, and even includes a few videos showing how quilling is done - how cool is that?! I imagine people are often stopped in their tracks by her work and must wonder what this amazing paper art is called. Happily, Cafe Rouge is doing a great job of spreading the word.

Is it too early to wish you a Happy New Year? Nah, especially not when the greeting is from a high-kicking cancan girl!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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