Impressive Nanopaper Home Lighting

Introducing laminated nanopaper lamps from MooDoo, a young design studio in Prague. Simple and spectacular!

Leaf Nano Paper Lamp on iroko wood stand

The designer of the lamps is MgA. Tomas Paul, a well-known artist in the Czech Republic. Peter Skacel and Marek Schwarz are technical developers of the special paper used to create the line of elegant ambient lighting. They work in conjunction with NeoGraph, a Czech security paper mill.

Lady Nano Paper Lamp on wire stand

So just what is nanopaper? I was curious and found this wiseGEEK site that explains it is an extremely durable paper that obtains its strength from trillions of linked cellulose nanofibers. Still a very new technology, scientists are working worldwide to develop uses for this fascinating discovery.

Guard Nano Paper Lamp on wood stand

The line of MooDoo lamps may be expanded in the future to include printed and/or perforated papers.

Bethlehem Praga lamp

This limited edition shade with stand is designed to hold a tea candle. Protective figures surround a cradle, standing under Prague's majestic Gothic arches. So beautiful in its simplicity.

Visit MooDoo's new Etsy shop and view additional lamp designs on the company's website, MooDoo.

By the way, for those of you who were interested in the 3-D modular origami featured last week, Helen of Let's Create has many tutorials on her blog.

Learn to make the swan, and perhaps there's still time to construct the symbol of hospitality, a pineapple, as a lovely way of welcoming your Thanksgiving guests.
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